July 27, 2021

What is Cognos PowerPlay and benefits

What is Cognos PowerPlay and benefits

Cognos Online TrainingPowerPlay is the world’s leading multidimensional analysis software for managers.  The world’s best-selling OLAP software lets users explore volumes of data with sub-second response. Cognos PowerPlay lets you analyze large volumes of dimensionally modeled data with sub-second response times using either a Windows client or Web browser. View data from any angle and in any combination to identify and analyze the driving factors behind your business results.

Cognos Power Play gives decision makers high-speed navigation of multi- dimensional information.

Cognos PowerPlay is the world’s best-selling OLAP (online analytical processing) software. It enables users to explore large volumes of summarized data with sub-second response times in a Web, Windows, or Excel environment. With Cognos PowerPlay, users at any business or technical skill level in a company can perform their own multidimensional analysis, create reports, and share them for better decision-making.

Cognos PowerPlay draws information from relational databases to model and build Power Cubes (“Cubes”). Cubes are data sets that can contain tens of millions of consolidated rows of data and hundreds of thousands of categories (members). Business rules and calculations (for example, percentage growth and market share change) can be built right into them, and time series analysis is delivered automatically. Cubes and reports can be deployed to Web clients, or to Windows and Excel clients, all using the same application server.

Cognos PowerPlay provides both a multidimensional data store and a feature rich end-user experience. Its multi-server, load-balanced architecture is easy to install and manage, and it scales to thousands of users.

Benefits of Cognos PowerPlay:

1. Cognos PowerPlay explores multidimensional information by simply clicking and dragging. Drill down through increasing levels of detail and view by different dimensions such as sales per region or by product.

2. Cognos PowerPlay view and analyze data relationships graphically and change displays easily. IBM Cognos Power Play’s industry-leading functionality means end-users can easily drill down, slice and dice, rank, sort, forecast and nest information to gain greater insight into trends, causes and effects.

3. Cognos PowerPlay is a user-friendly interface makes multidimensional analysis simple for all users, regardless of their business or technical level.

4. IBM Cognos PowerPlay is part of the most comprehensive business intelligence suite in the world, making it easy to add and extend zero footprint scorecarding, planning and reporting capabilities.

5. Cognos PowerPlay processes and summarizes data in the application layer and only returns results at a summary level, conserving bandwidth and optimizing network efficiency.

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