July 27, 2021

What is DOT NET Frame Architecture

What is DOT NET Frame Architecture

Dot Net Online TrainingMicrosoft’s Dot Net Framework architecture that helps in increasing the productivity associated with designers and programmers because they work to create solutions for small and large businesses.

The dot Net framework consists of two main components:

Dot Net Framework Class Library: It provides common types such as data types and object types that can be shared by all .Net compliant language.

The Common language Runtime: It provides services like code execution, type safety, security, thread management, interoperability services

The dot Net framework class library common for all dot Net language We can use this to develop different application such as console applications, windows and Web Forms and Web Services.

The CLR do some of the important task such as load the IL code of program at runtime. Compile the IL code in native code execute and manage code enforce security and type safety helps in thread support The code that run in CLR is called unmanaged code. There is an layer which allow both manage code and unmanaged code to interoperate with each other.

The CLR is combination of various components which provides the runtime environment and runtime services for our application. These components loads the IL code into runtime environment and runtime service for our applications.

Some of the dot Net framework components are:

Class loader: its helps in loading class at runtime.

Security engine: as the name suggest its helps in security restrictions and enforces security.

Code manager: Its works is to manage the code during execution.

Type checker: Its helps CLR to do strict type checking.

COM Marshler: It helps dot Net application for exchange data with the COM applications.

Exception Manager: It provides a method to handle the runtime exceptions.

Base class library support: it provides the type which is required at runtime.

Garbage collector: Its performs the automatic memory management and treatment of objects.

MSIL: It converts MSIL to native code and then converts MSIL code into native code.

These components provide multiple task such as safety and automatic memory management that helps in threading. These components also play a sensitive role in exception manager.

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