June 12, 2021

What is Oracle Optimized Solutions and its benefits

What is Oracle Optimized Solutions and its benefits

Oracle DBA Online Training from IndiaOracle Optimized solutions (OOS) is a part of Oracle development that combines a number of applications to offer solutions to the customer. When the various Oracle development applications are combined it becomes most beneficial for the customer who can use the complete suite of Oracle solutions. The Oracle development team works in harmonious synchronization to ensure that the database, applications and the middleware are not only integrated but also optimized with other resources such as operating systems, network and storage.

An optimized/optimal solution is neither a software package nor a hardware system bundled with pre-tuned software. It is simply a set of recommendations based on some testing performed in labs. The recommendations typically provide sizing guidelines for small, medium and large configurations, best practices, tuning tips and some performance data. Customers can refer to these guidelines when deploying enterprise applications on Oracle hardware to achieve optimal configuration for better TCO and ROI.

Oracle Optimized solutions combine the Storage, Oracle sun server, Oracle Solaris, Networking component, oracle Linux, Oracle Database, Oracle application and Oracle fusion middleware. All this is united as part of Oracle solutions to offer more services to the customers who use oracle.

Some of the oracle optimized solutions include:

* Storage
* Oracle sun server
* Oracle Solaris
* Networking component
* Oracle Database
* Oracle Linux
* Oracle application
* Oracle fusion middle-ware

Advantages of Optimized Oracle solutions (OOS)

1. By using optimized Oracle development solutions, many database risks get decreased to a great extent.

2. With merging of optimized oracle solutions enables the customer to improve the productivity and enhance overall efficiency.

3. The oracle optimized solutions can be installed as a one-stop solution for all the infrastructural needs of the business. All individual parts can be updated as and when needed in case the customer feels they do not require the entire system of applications.

4. Oracle is 75% faster than many other optimized solution applications.

5. Installation and working on the Oracle Optimized Solution is more simple and easy.

6. There is less risk attached Oracle Optimized Solution when compared to other systems, which are meant for a similar purpose.

7. A number of Oracle solutions are available that encompass a wide range of specializations and allow a seamless integration of the complete stack.

8. Oracle is known for its engineering spectacle and therefore optimized Oracle solutions carry out a complete stack execution, which is subject to stress, deterioration, presentation, fault injection and testing of scalability using the real work load.

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