June 12, 2021
What is Scientology and its Beliefs

What is Scientology and its Beliefs

What is Scientology and its Beliefs :


Scientology is a viewpoint of the individual thoughts that, soon after its beginning in the in the early 1950s, started contacting itself a religious beliefs. Scientology details the spirit—not one’s individual body or mind—and considers that Man is far more than an item of his atmosphere, or his genetics.

Scientology consists of individual body of information which expands from certain essential facts. The name Scientology indicates “knowing how to know,” Scientology claims it is not merely a perception program but a method of activity, and it has a complex language of its own.

Scientology is a cultish philosophy that was the brain-child of L. Ron Hubbard (1911-1986), a science-fiction author, traveler, and outdated official who provided in the deep blue blue during Globe War II.

While Hubbard was put in the hospital for several war-related conditions, he started to indicate on what he recognized as “the human issue.” Out of this perplexity he gradually designed his “religious philosophy” that has come to be known as “Scientology.”

The various techniques of accomplishing the Scientological objective have been specific as “Dianetics.” This phrase, and others in the exclusive vocabulary of Scientology,were designed by thoughts overwhelmed with misunderstandings, mysticism, and a nice part of sci-fi.

Scientology is a syncretistic system that includes a mixing of asian heathenism with a self-determining humanistic viewpoint that provides itself under the guise of the “spiritual.” It is kind of a “religion” for the “non-religious.

Scientology is a spiritual beliefs that provides a accurate direction resulting in a finish and certain knowing of someone’s true spiritual characteristics and someone’s connection to self, family, categories, Humanity, all life types, the content galaxy, the spiritual galaxy and the Superior Being.

Scientology starts with the idea that man is “basically good, and that his spiritual solution relies on himself, his guys and his achievement of brotherhood with the galaxy.”

Scientology is not a dogmatic religion in which one is asked to accept anything on trust alone. On the contrary, one finds for yourself that the ideas of Scientology are true by implementing its ideas and monitoring or experiencing the results.

While the Scientology religion owes a spiritual debt to the eastern values, it was created in the Western and its trust are indicated in the technical language of the mid-twentieth century. Scientology contributes a accurate and usable technology for implementing spiritual ideas to every aspect of life.

Scientology considers in the separating of spirit (thetan) and body system. The spirit is inestimable years old and not only has resided in other bodies, it also resided on other planet’s. When someone passes away, the spirit choices up a new body system in a medical center baby’s room. There is no paradise or hell in the Scientology perception system, but the spirit can live in the “between life” planet’s for years or even go on another world.

Scientology has the technology (the tech) to save the spirit from the diminishing manage and recover his full local abilities. The greatest goal of Scientology is true religious enlightenment and independence for all. Like any religious beliefs, Scientology has its followers and critics. While followers discover Scientology to be greatly satisfying, critics often discover many of its methods escalating.