July 27, 2021

What is the Cognos SDK

What is the Cognos SDK

Cognos Online training in Hyderabad‘SDK’ stands for software development kit. It’s a set of code libraries, ie. jars or dlls. The SDK comes in three different programming languages: java, C#, and visual basic. It’s not a studio or plugin or executable program. The Cognos SDK occupies a strange position in the Cognos development ecosystem. It’s a solution to a number of problems. People working with Cognos usually have a database or business analysis background, not programming, and often are not familiar with the term ‘SDK‘.

SDK is nothing that you use inside the main Cognos applications. It’s code that a programmer can use to write a script or application that talks to a Cognos server.

Specific to IBM Cognos, the IBM Cognos SDK is the published API that grants access to the BI Bus – the SOAP-based communication mechanism that ties the underlying IBM Cognos 8 BI services (report, content management, presentation, etc).

The Cognos SDK represents the important aspect for the recognizable organizations who are looking to customize, extend, or integrate their IBM Cognos Enterprise BI platform. The IBM Cognos SDK opens the doors to incredible opportunity for application developers with broad access to IBM Cognos’ core services.

Cognos SDK is used for administrative purposes rather than writing reports or queries such as:

To write your own custom security provider.
Integrate Cognos into your own application.
Script out adminstrative tasks.
Programmatically do just about anything you can do manually in Cognos Administration.

You can automate back ups, installs, permission grants, or whatever. If you’re an OEM provider of Cognos, using the SDK is essential. It will allow you to seamlessly integrate a huge amount of Cognos functionality into your own application. Your users may not even know or care that you’re relying on Cognos for your reports.

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