July 23, 2021

Why Do Women Need More Sleep Than Men?

Why Do Women Need More Sleep Than Men?

A study reveals that Women needs 20 minutes more sleep than Men.

The following are the reasons for this :

1.The female brain have larger complexity than men.

2.The Female brain works harder during the day.

3. The Female brain can do Multitasking whereas, Men Can concentrate on only 1 task.

4.They have to work harder than men as more regions are being used simultaneously.

5. The more active the brain works, the more rest is need for it.

6.The female brain collects information 5 times faster than the male’s brain.

7.Poor sleep in women was leads to a number of side effects.

8.Psychological distress, depression & anger were found in women with poor sleep.

9. So if you are a women, feel free to lie in bed a bit longer.

10.A strong woman needs a well rested brain.