June 16, 2021
Why to Use PPC Advertising

Why to Use PPC Advertising

Why to Use PPC Advertising

Online SEO Training from IndiaThere are many techniques that are applied to increase the traffic and ranking of a website. If you are running a website want to get more visitors on your website then you can use an SEO technique called PPC campaign management. PPC refers to Pay per Click advertising — Google Ad Words and Yahoo! search marketing, among other firms — both use this model as part of their offerings.

Pay per click or PPC, is one of the marketing tool that can drive lots of traffic to your website along with an increase in sales. Some marketers shy away from PPC because they do not understand it, or mistakenly think the cost is prohibitive. However, PPC only costs the advertiser when a potential buyer clicks on the ads for keywords or keyword phrases they’ve chosen.

The following are the reasons for using PPC campaign marketing:

1. PPC gives you great control over your campaigns. Starting, modifying, or stopping a campaign can be done in just a few clicks and a few minutes. Changes can be made day or night, effective right away, and there are no contracts.

2. PPC is easy to track, and you get real-time stats that show you how your ads are doing, what your click-through rate is, and where your advertising dollars are being used.

3. PPC can help you find buyers. PPC targets active consumers when done right in all phases of the buying cycle. You can target PPC advertising to certain geographic areas, cities, or regions and only advertise to users searching for your specific keywords.

4. With PPC you can change your daily budget at any time great control over your cost. You can run online promotions on an ad hoc basis online with a fixed budget.

5. PPC can measure your ad performance down to the single click and monitor that users behavior during their entire stay on your website. PPC provides a rock-solid ROI (return on investment) measurement.

6. With PPC advertising you can determine a lot of information about your clients by setting up analytics on your site — incoming locations, how long a user stays on a page, etc…

7. With a PPC program, you can test run advertising copy much more inexpensively than running traditional advertising.

8. PPC can help you find exactly what keywords people use to find your product or service, and which of them actually buy.

9. With PPC you can monitor your performance. PPC and Ad words lets you control your spend, set a budget, set the regions you wish to market in, set the maximum price you’ll pay for a click, pay only for clicks you receive, count the number of conversions. You can see your return on investment. If it’s not working then you can stop it.

10. You can link your Google Analytics with your Google Ad words PPC account and track your keywords to see which ones provide leads and sales and which ones don’t.

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